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How Can Personal Training Improve Your Fitness Routine?

If you’re looking to improve your fitness routine – whether you’re just beginning, or you’ve been working out for a year – a personal trainer may help to add that extra motivation or help you choose a routine that’s right for your goals. While it may seem that personal training is an expensive, unnecessary purchase, it may be the difference between reaching your health goals and not.

Benefits of personal training

Being educated

Personal trainers can help you learn about various types of exercise and how they can help you. They can also teach you correct postures to reduce the risk of injury.

Motivation and accountability

With everything else we have going on in our lives, sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation we need to complete our workouts. Personal trainers can help give us the extra boost we need and encourage us to continue working toward our goals. Having someone to answer to doesn’t hurt either. A personal trainer will make sure that you don’t slack off and miss your workouts.

Personalized workout plan

A personal trainer will help you choose exercises that are the most effective at helping you reach your goals. They can also make sure the workout is safe for you depending on your abilities and health.

Combines challenge with variety

The workouts that your personal trainer puts together will include a variety of exercises that may be machines, weightlifting, cardio, and more. This variety will keep your workouts fun, plus changing it up will work different parts of your body and fight against plateaus.

Helps with setting and reaching goals

Your personal trainer will help you split your final goal up into smaller goals over a certain amount of time, so you will know what to expect, and your goals will be more attainable. Some studies also show that people can reach higher goals with a personal trainer.

Types of personal training

We offer three types of personal training:

One-on-one personal training

One-on-one personal training is exactly what it sounds like: it’s just you and your personal trainer. Some people prefer one-on-one personal training, because it allows their personal trainer to focus all of their attention on them. It’s especially good for those who are a little self-conscious about working out in front of a lot of people. Your workout routine can also be tailored more to your needs rather than a preset routine made for a group of people.

Semi-private (small group) training

Small group training will give you the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to have a little bit of a personal experience at a lower cost. You can also benefit from the small group environment by being surrounded by a more close-knit group of people who may have similar fitness and health goals. You’ll most likely end up encouraging each other to reach your goals.

Group training

With group training programs, you’ll get to be a part of a high energy group of people that are looking to improve their fitness and health the same way that you are. While it won’t be as personal as other options, it will most likely be more cost effective.

Which type of personal training is right for me?

When choosing which type of personal training is the right choice for you, consider the descriptions above. If you’re looking for something that is highly personal, go for one-on-one. If you’re looking for something that’s better on your budget, check out group training. Something in between would be semi-private or group training.

When it comes to selecting a personal trainer, you may have to look into your choices a little more. You can ask to see a copy of the trainer’s NCCA certification or call the agency to verify their status. You can also ask for references to ensure they are going to be able to help you reach your goals. This will also give you an idea of their experience and specialties.

On top of that, you also have to trust the impressions you get from them just by talking to them. You’ll most likely be developing a mixture of personal and professional relationship with them, so compatibility is key. You’ll also want to make sure they’re rates match up with how much you want to spend.

Our gym offers all three types of training – one-on-one, semi-private, and group – so come on in and learn more about how we can help you reach your goals. And don’t forget that we offer new customers a free 7-day  trial!

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