Reviews from our members and visitors

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Synergy is my second home. I love training there and if I have any questions on recovering from an injury Greg always is able to help keep me on track!

Chad W.

Greg is a great trainer and owner operator. Angela keeps the place amazing and their entire staff is Amazing. The best guy in WNY. Not over crowded and very clean.

Anthony S.

Exceptional in every regard. I’m not normally one to write reviews but I joined Synergy in Dec 2020 after years of using LA Fitness and the staff, facility, and experience is top notch. It can be hard and nerve wrecking to workout out in the era of COVID but safety at Synergy is a #1 priority. Some gyms say the have “polices” in place but synergy was the only gym that I truly felt safe working out at. Mask wearing has always been fantastic and their long hours mean the gym is never crowded. The staff isn’t just there to swipe you in but make an concerted effort to greet and welcome you. The owners, Angela and Greg, both clearly value each and every customer as a member of the community and not just another $. I’ve also been blown away by the depth and diversity of the personal training staff as I’ve seen them work with individual from all walks of life. The equipment at Synergy is all top of the line and always works flawlessly. They have everything you could possibly want and spacing between the stations to feel safe using it. If you’ve been looking for a reason to switch gyms or join one for the first time this is for you! I can definitively say I’m hooked!

John K.

Since Synergy Fitness opened I’ve been impressed with the cleanliness and layout of the gym. Lots of equipment to work with and they do a great job of keeping the gym clean. Love all the staff and trainers. They really want to see you succeed in your fitness goals. Love the cycling studio they have there as well. Just wish I had more time to spin there. The bikes are probably the most challenging I’ve ridden.

Jack J.

I often found it tough to get motivated to go to the gym, and finding a routine that I could stick to was difficult. Both of these problems were quickly eliminated at Synergy Fitness. Aside from the beautiful facilities and friendly environment, the personal training has motivated more than ever to workout regularly. Angela and Greg have me in a program that not only challenges me each session, but I look forward to what they’re going to throw at me the next time.

Blake D.

I followed these owners and trainers from their last location. Their dedication and personalities are worth the few minutes extra to drive. Highly recommend this gym to everyone looking to find the motivation to improve their health. The diversity of equipment, their knowledge and creativity keeps the workouts challenging regardless of your level of fitness. You will never find a better, more personal, clean, and well thought out gym.

Pam F.

This gym is beautiful, super clean and modern. There’s plenty of machines and a huge variety. The music is always jamming and high energy. Angela and Greg are always on hand to assist but they are also very unobtrusive and will leave you to your own thing. For me, this is a great way to spend my lunch hour. There’s not one thing I would change about this gym.

Nancy S.

Every time I come to the gym I am greeted and welcomed. The entire gym is clean and well maintained. The extras provided .. towels, and disinfecting wipes show intentional thought to the needs of the clientele.The personal trainers are the best in the area. They care about your goals, needs, and overall safety. This is a great place to get fit!

Jean O.

This gym is absolutely amazing and super clean!! I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to get back into shape. Everyone at Synergy is extremely positive and very motivating!!! You won’t be disappointed about joining this gym – worth every penny!!!

Nanci L.

Angela and Greg are always so welcoming and kind. I love working out here. All of the equipment is clean, and there is not a shortage of anything. The gym is in great condition and I would recommend it to anyone!

Abbi D.

We were members at Greg and Ang’s previous gym and we followed them to the New one. We Love being a part of this clean, organized and motivating gym. All the trainers are talented and knowledgeable. All the employees are helpful and concerned with each members goals. This gym is a Hidden Gem! They make Everyone feel like Family!!! Our Favorite is Gil!

Cheryl M.

This is gym is a great place. Every time I walk into the gym I’m greeted making you feel very welcomed. It’s very clean and equipment is well maintained. This is a great gym that I would highly recommend.

Shaun N.

The gym owners are very polite and courteous, they take the time to learn your name and make you feel like one of the members of the family. They push you to help you reach your goals

Tiffany C.

Excellent experience. Synergy has state of the art equipment- experienced trainers- friendly atmosphere plus it’s modern and clean. I travel quite a distance and pass many other gyms to get there because it’s worth it!

Patricia H.

I love my time spent at Synergy the facility is always clean and everyone is so kind and motivating and welcoming!! I am on a journey of personal growth and couldn’t imagine being as successful at a different gym. I am so thankful for my gym family!!

Erin C.